LSBU – Handbook Design

LSBU Handbook Design Proposals

During my internship at Fabrik Brands have the amazing chance to work on a lot of designs. Also in a lot of different sectors. One of the most memorable is the design I did for the London South Bank University. This LSBU Handbook Design needed to be made in their house style and feature a lot of text in a presentable way.

The image you see above shows 3 proposals for the design, of course featuring different colour combinations taken from their brand guide. They picked the middle style and colour combination. presented below.

LSBU Handbook Final

After getting the basic style I was able get the full LSBU Handbook Design. It’s a relatively small handbook, however it contains a lot of different ways to present the text. Embedded below is the final design uploaded on issuu.

After already having the design finished, a lot of small changes where made to the text. This causes the design to shift. The final design was altered many times because of this. These changes gave me a lot of experience in inDesign. A program I hadn’t been familiar with that much before.

See what Fabrik Brands thought of my internship on my homepage.