GoalGetters – Planner

Cover of GoalGetters High Efficiency Planner Design. Image made for digital ad.

After having done some small work for the GoalGetters I got the amazing opportunity to work on a big project with them. The GoalGetters Planner. So here is how we got the the GoalGetters High Efficiency Planner Design.

Step One:
Plan out the planner

Before we could get started on the design itself, we needed to know all the pages and what was going to be in those pages. The client, Sam Lucas, planned out most of what was on every page. In this project I got a lot of freedom to put in things that I thought would fit. For example, at the bottom of every day you can rate your day from 1 to 10. This is done on the edge of the page, so that you can look at the side of the planner and see the development throughout.

Step Two:
Get a feel for it

GoalGetters High Efficiency Planner Design on the inside. Image made for digital ad.

The second faze is getting a feel on what the design should be. Which colours should be used, and in what way. And more, for example; page size, title styling, font usage, and much more. To get this all figured out I made a few example pages. These would go back and forth a lot to get the design perfect.
For this reason I choose to design the cover and the daily planner page, these would be seen most often and contain most of the design elements used throughout the planner.

Step Three:
Filling it out

After having all the basic pages designed for the high efficiency planner, the big work would begin. In this middle face all the other pages where designed and looked over. This took a long time but was very well organised, feedback was given fast. The designs where flying back and forth. The planner contains 220 pages, so that’s a lot of designing that needed to be done for the GoalGetters High Efficiency Planner Design.

Step Four:
Putting everything together

GoalGetters High Efficiency Planner Design from the inside. Image made for digital ad.

The last step is the put everything we have build together. Put every page in the right place. This may seem like an easy thing to do, but it takes a long time to do. Finally I go over everything one more time, look at every page and see if everything checks out. Unfortunately we had to do this a few times since we switched printing houses a few times. This changes the margins on the edge of the paper.

Then to promote the planner we made a few digital ad’s that got people buying! I am very proud of the planner, it contains everything needed and the design is very nice to look through.
You can buy the planner here.

Client Feedback:

I had a great time working on this project, its the biggest project I have done so far. Sam was amazing to work with. Here is what sam had to say after;

Mathijs has helped us since the beginning of goalgetters and has excited expectations time and time again. If you have the opportunity to work with him, go for it. I remember our first project together, the GoalGetters logo. I expected a simple logo redesign, instead he gave me everything I would ever need for a logo, white, grey, black, and everything in-between. This all within one hour! Then I knew this was our guy.

Sam Lucas – Founder GoalGetters Masterclass