Copy Koffie – Webdesign

Copy Koffie Website Design iMac Mockup
Copy Koffie homepage

Website design has always been something I liked to do, the thing I didn’t like about it was building the it. So when my sister asked me to help er make a website for her new business, I was hesitant. Luckily we pressed on and made an amazing Copy Koffie Website Design.

Focus on the text

Copy Koffie copywriter page iMac Mockup
Copy Koffie copywriter page

Rebecca wanted a website that focuses on text. As a freelance copywriter this is where peoples focus should go. Thats why we picked out the best font, luckily she had already been working with some great fonts on her Instagram page. The font we picked is Raleway. This font has great variety in boldness, making it very useful in any situation, from plane text to titles.

Next to a great font, being text centric means that the rest of the website needs to be calm and easy on the eyes. For this we needed to find a good WordPress template.

The Copy Koffie Template

Copy Koffie Blog Website Design iMac Mockup
Copy Koffie blog post

There was a lot of creative freedom in this project. As long as I stayed within the style of Copy Koffie. There are a few things that Rebecca wanted to see in the website, one being a great banner. We found a WordPress theme that works perfectly in every way we needed called Blocksy. This is a simple template that allows customisation on everything we needed, like the beautiful menubar and banner.

Website colours and style

Copy Koffie Blogs page iMac Mockup
Copy Koffie blog

Rebecca was already quite active on Instagram at the time, on which she developed a clear style. Together we figured out colour codes and usage of those. After that the website also needed a good logo. So we developed a great word- and lettermark.

Since ‘simplicity’ is a good way to describe Rebecca’s style, we kept the website simple and calm. Together we developed a beautiful design language throughout the website, with simple buttons and cards.

Interaction and blog

Copy Koffie command section iMac Mockup
Copy Koffie command section

Rebecca has been writing about coffee for a while now. Mostly on instagram captions where people are always eager to comment and like. That’s why I found it important to have similar interaction on her blog. Visitors can now like a blog without logging in and comment within a few seconds. In the end it turned out perfectly, even with a custom profile picture for people who don’t have one.

Amazing result

Copy Koffie about Rebecca Website Design iMac Mockup

The Copy Koffie Website design turned out amazing. It’s everything Rebecca visualized for her own website. This project also gave me the confidence to work on more simple websites, like my own!