Design Policy

Scope of work

Review and feedback

All design projects include feedback rounds, the number of which will be specified in your invoice. Prior to this feedback round, thorough research will be conducted on your business and your design preferences, based on the information provided by you, the customer. If additional feedback rounds are required beyond what was initially specified, or if the original research or feedback was insufficient, any extra feedback will incur charges at our standard hourly rate, as indicated on the invoice and/or our website.

Exploring faze

Every design project includes an exploration phase during which multiple logo or design concepts are presented. Designs that are not chosen will remain the property of Mathijs Boogaert Design. If you, the customer, wish to obtain rights to these unused design options, an additional fee will be applied as seen in the section “Fees and Fines”

Making changes to the final design

With each final design, a brief guide will be provided outlining the guidelines for proper usage of the design. This is essential to maintain the design’s integrity and ensure it looks its best in all situations. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in fines for publications that do not comply.

Payment and Fees

Payment structure

A 50% upfront payment is required to initiate the design process and safeguard against non-payment upon project completion. The remaining 50% is due at the conclusion of the design process. The delivery of vector files will only occur after the final payment has been received. Failure to make the final payment will result in the designs not being authorized for use. Unauthorized use may incur fines, the details of which can be found in the “Fees and Fines” section. Two payment structures are available: hourly rate and project price, with pricing variations depending on the chosen structure. The same rules apply to both payment structures.

Fees and Fines

Modifications to the design that deviate from the provided guidelines will result in a 15% fine based on the specific design’s price. Late payment for any invoices will incur a 10% penalty based on the invoice amount. Project cancellations during the middle of the project will be subject to a 50% fine, which will retain the upfront payment. If cancellations occur later in the project, an additional 25% of the original invoice price will be required. Any additional design work beyond the scope of the original invoice will be billed on an hourly basis at the rate specified in the invoice or on our website. In cases where no hourly rate is indicated on the invoice, the website’s listed rate will apply. A confidentiality fee of €500 (excluding VAT) will be assessed if you request that work not be posted on social media, websites, or portfolio pages. In instances where files need to be resent or recovered, a handling and backup fee of €500 (excluding VAT) will be applied.

Intellectual property & Confidentiality

Intellectual property

Until the final payment is received, all designs remain the property of Mathijs Boogaert Design. Proposals that are not selected will also remain the property of Mathijs Boogaert Design, even after the final payment. These designs can be acquired for an additional fee.


Your confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance. No information will be posted on our portfolio or website without your explicit approval. Designs will be featured on the website and portfolio unless specifically marked as confidential, in which case a confidentiality fee, as detailed in the “Fees and Fines” section, will apply.


Project cancellations may result in a portion of the invoice price still being assessed. Further information can be found in the “Fees and Fines” section. Mathijs Boogaert Design reserves the right to cancel a project if you, the customer, fail to adhere to the established project rules and agreements. Additionally, Mathijs Boogaert Design may cancel a project if unethical decisions are made by the customer, such as investing in projects that restrict people’s rights or unfair treatment of workers. In such cases, the same fees and fines outlined in the “Fees and Fines” section may apply.

Final Product

The final product will be provided in suitable formats for the specific design, such as PDF for print materials, PNG, PDF, and SVG for logos (PDF and SVG formats are provided after final payment). Brand guides will be delivered in PDF format. Work files will only be provided in limited circumstances, as specified in the invoice, as all allowable changes will typically be included in the final product files. In the event of file loss, you may request file recovery for a fee, as detailed in the “Fees and Fines” section. Mathijs Boogaert Design will maintain a backup of the design for potential future needs.

Unforeseen circumstances

In cases of natural disasters or illness preventing timely design delivery, we will notify you as soon as possible. If Mathijs Boogaert Design is unable to complete the work, we will recommend an alternative designer. The original price will be honored in these situations.