FoodRoots Branding

Showing the way I worked on the FoodRoots Branding Project.
FoodRoots is team of students from the Netherlands, that is designing a way to show the impact of food products on sustainability.
This is done by collecting data on the environmental and social aspects. These data are combined into a final sustainability impact score which is printed on the food packaging.
A score like this needs good branding behind it. A good logo that you can recognise from far away. This logo needs to show people that they are doing something good for earth.
That’s why FoodRoots approached me to help them craft their logo.

Round 1 – Shape Exploring

After going over the first round of logo’s the founder of FoodRoots gave some great feedback on which of the logo’s spoke to him most and why. His clear vision helped us make the logo faster and more thought out. In the second round we only worked out 3 of the logo’s. Giving them different colours reflecting the company and making the curves and edges align better.

Round 2 – Colour Exploring

In round 2 the colours gave the client a better idea of what their logo could turn out to be. The 3rd logo in the first row also has a quarter turn in it, this gave the log more of a planet feel.
The first logo out of these 3 was the favourite of the FoodRoot students. This because of its simplistic nature. You can recognise it in an instant. Making it perfect for food packaging, where you want to look for this logo. It fit the FoodRoots Branding perfectly.
Out of the colours, the 3rd colour was their favourite. The fade in the second logo looks great but is more difficult to print. And the faded colours of the first logo didn’t have enough contrast to strike the eye.

Round 3 – Adding Fonts and Alignment

Text Alignment

Alignment of a logo and text never has to be in just one way. It’s always a good idea to have at least two ways to display the logo, a horizontal and vertical option. That’s why the client choice the first and second option shown here.

Font Types

You can go a lot of direction when looking at fonts. So here we have a few that go in totally different directions, to give the client a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.
Some of these fonts have strong contrast between the rounded logo and the angled font. Or the modern simplistic logo and the more classic font. This can be great to stand out however can also make your font more controversial. The client here choose the last font as shown above. This would best fit the FoodRoots branding because of its kind curves.

Final Product

FoodRoots Logo - FoodRoots Branding

The final product shows everything the client wanted from this branding project. Firstly it shows our green planet that FoodRoots aims to keep green. Along with our planet the logo also shows the Ying Yang, or good and bad that we have to balance to keep our world healthy. The logo is clearly visible in an instance making it the perfect logo to recognize.

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